NSG6430 Assignment Discussion iHuman Case Study-Adolescent Depression Case

NSG6430 Assignment Discussion iHuman Case Study-Adolescent Depression Case

Discussion Assignment Instructions:

  • For Assignment 1: iHuman Case Study-Adolescent Depression Case, discuss the following key points:
    • Important questions to include during an interview with a patient experiencing adolescent depression.
    • Clinical findings that might be observed in a patient dealing with adolescent depression.
    • Diagnostic studies that could be considered for this patient and the reasons for their necessity.
    • Present the primary diagnosis along with three potential differential diagnoses for this patient. Provide detailed reasoning for each.
    • Outline your comprehensive management plan for the patient, covering pharmacologic therapies, recommended tests, patient education, referrals, and follow-up plans.

 iHuman Case Study-Adolescent Depression Case Discussion Prompt:

  • Consider the nuances of dealing with adolescent depression in a clinical setting. What strategies and considerations should be taken into account when addressing the unique challenges posed by adolescent patients with depression? Share your insights and perspectives.


  • Utilize evidence-based guidelines and resources to support your responses.
  • Cite sources appropriately in APA format.
  • Engage in the discussion by responding to your peers’ contributions with thoughtful questions, additional insights, or relevant commentary.
  • Ensure your participation is completed by the stipulated deadline.

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