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Here are the services we offer, all tailored to enhance your i-Human experience:

  • i-Human Case Study Assistance
  • Data Interpretation for i-Human Patients®
  • Problem List Development using i-Human simulations
  • Treatment Planning based on i-Human assessments
  • Comprehensive Review and Feedback on i-Human cases
  • Customized Tutoring Sessions for i-Human modules
  • 24/7 Customer Support for i-Human queries and concerns

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How to Handle i-Human Case Study


  • Gather Information: Familiarize yourself with the i-human platform and its functionalities. This might involve tutorials or user guides provided by the platform.
  • Review Case Details: Thoroughly read the case study introduction. This typically includes patient demographics, medical history, presenting complaints, and any initial findings.


  • Patient Assessment: Use the i-human platform to interact with the virtual patient. This could involve conducting a virtual physical exam, reviewing medical records, and ordering diagnostic tests. Pay close attention to the details presented in the simulation.
  • Data Interpretation: Analyze the information gathered from the virtual interaction. This includes lab results, vital signs, and any observations made during the virtual exam.

Decision Making

  • Formulate a Differential Diagnosis: Based on the collected data, develop a list of possible diagnoses that could explain the patient’s condition. Consider the most likely causes given the patient’s history and symptoms.
  • Refine Diagnosis: Use the i-human platform to perform further assessments or tests to narrow down your differential diagnosis and arrive at a most likely diagnosis.

Action Planning

  • Develop a Treatment Plan: Building on your diagnosis, design a treatment plan specific to the virtual patient’s needs. This might involve medications, procedures, or lifestyle modifications.
  • Evaluate Outcomes: Use the i-human platform to simulate the implementation of your treatment plan and observe the virtual patient’s response. Analyze if the chosen course of action is effective in managing the patient’s condition.

Common Ihuman Case Studies

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