NR602 iHuman Case Study – Gemma Jones 2yrs Old Girl – CC: Rash

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NR602 iHuman Case Study – Week6 – Gemma Jones 2yrs Old Girl – CC: Rash

How can I help her today?

Does she have any other symptoms you would like to discuss?

What treatment has she had for the cough?

Is she coughing any sputum?

What treatment has she had for the rash?

On what part of her body did the rash start and where did it spread?

Is her rash painful or itchy? What treatment has she had for the rash?

Has she been having fevers?

When did the fever start? How high is the fever?

Is she taking any over the counter medication?

How is her appetite any recent change? Did she have any other problems two to four days ………? How many wet diapers does your child have per day?

How many stools diaper does your child have per day?

Does she have any allergies? DIAGNOSIS Exanthema subitum HHV 6/ roseola Human parvovirus 19 Rubella (German measles) Measles URI NO

TEST REQUIRED History Reason for encounter: rash on abdomen, b/l UEs and b/l Les History of present illness: fever started 3 days ago, stopped last evening Cough and rhinorrhea started 3 days ago ROS General

 (-) fever

(-) significant weight change

(-) significant appetite change HEENT/neck

(+) rhinorrhea

(+) cough CARD


(-) decrease in activity (-) SOB RESP

(-) SOB

(-) wheezing

(-) difficulty catching a breath

(-) chronic cough

(-) sputum production NR602 iHuman Case Study – Week6 – Gemma Jones 2yrs Old Girl – CC: Rash

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