NRNP 6531 Week 1: Competencies of Advanced Nursing Practice

NRNP 6531 Week 1: Competencies of Advanced Nursing Practice

Week 1: Exploring Advanced Nursing Practice Competencies

Advanced nursing practice competencies encompass the specialized knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for nurse practitioners to effectively care for adults across the lifespan in clinical settings. These competencies are established by industry experts and offer clarity on the essential elements for success in your nursing career. It’s crucial to continuously practice these competencies to confidently address diverse situations. Alongside real-world experiences, virtual platforms offer valuable opportunities to hone these skills. For instance, in this course, you’ll engage in case study simulations featuring virtual i-Human patients with various medical conditions. These simulations provide formative practice crucial for preparing you for real-world clinical scenarios.

Throughout this week, you’ll explore advanced nursing practice competencies and reflect on your individual strengths and challenges in relation to these competencies. Through self-reflection, you’ll consider how this course can contribute to achieving your career goals and objectives.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze strengths and challenges associated with nursing practice competencies.
  • Describe professional career goals and objectives.

Learning Resources

Required Readings

  • [List of required readings goes here]

Required Media

  • [List of required media goes here]

The Class Café serves as an informal space for discussions unrelated to the course content and will not be graded. However, we encourage you to connect with your peers, familiarize yourself with their backgrounds, and engage in friendly conversation. Should you have any personal queries or concerns requiring individual attention from the instructor, please feel free to reach out via email.

By Day 2:

Participate in the Class Café by introducing yourself to your fellow classmates and posing any questions you may have about the course or any general inquiries.

Engage with your peers by responding to their introductions, answering questions, or posing your own queries.

Note: Participation in the Class Café is optional and will not be evaluated, but we encourage you to seize the opportunity to connect with your classmates.

Submission and Grading Information

Post by Day 2

To Participate in this Discussion:

  • Join the Class Café: Introductions
  • Engage in the Discussion: Career Goals – Strengths and Challenges Related to Nursing Practice Competencies

As an advanced practice nurse, effective collaboration and communication with patients, families, and healthcare professionals are paramount. Responsible for diagnosing, treating, managing, and educating patients, you play a pivotal role in ensuring patient safety and upholding ethical standards. The development of competencies equips you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to navigate these responsibilities successfully.

Discussion Prompt:

In this discussion, we will explore advanced nursing practice competencies and reflect on personal strengths and challenges related to these competencies. Additionally, we will consider how this course can contribute to achieving career goals or objectives.

To Prepare:

  1. Review the Learning Resources for this week, particularly the advanced nursing practice competencies. Reflect on your strengths and challenges when working with adults across the lifespan.

By Day 3:

Post a summary of your expectations for this course. Include a brief explanation of your strengths and challenges regarding nursing practice competencies when working with adults. Describe any career goals or objectives this course may help you accomplish in the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) or Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP) role and explain why. Support your explanations with credible and scholarly sources.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6:

Respond to at least two colleagues on two different days. Offer suggestions or resources to help your colleagues address their personal strengths or challenges, or their career goals. Support your suggestions with credible and current scholarly sources.

Note: Ensure you complete your initial post before viewing and responding to colleagues’ postings. Once submitted, you cannot delete or edit your post, and posting anonymously is not allowed. Review your post carefully before submitting.

Submission and Grading Information:

To access your rubric, refer to the Week 1 Discussion Rubric.

Post by Day 3 and Respond by Day 6:

To Participate in this Discussion:

  1. Access the Week 1 Discussion.


Practicum Manual Acknowledgment

Confirm that you have downloaded and read the entire MSN Nurse Practitioner Practicum Manual and will abide by the requirements described to successfully complete the program.

What’s Coming Up in Week 2?

Practicum – Upcoming Deadline

For Nurse Practitioner programs (FNP, AGACNP, AGPCNP, and PMHNP), several practicum courses are required. If planning to take a practicum course within the next two terms, submit the application via Meditrek.

Review the practicum application process, deadlines, appropriate preceptors, and field sites.

Ensure familiarity with practicum manuals, FAQs, webinars, and required forms.

Looking Ahead:

In Week 2 and throughout the course, complete case study assignments using i-Human software. Familiarize yourself with the software using the i-Human Patients Case Player Student Manual.

If you haven’t received login information for i-Human Patients, contact the Course Instructor.

Ensure readiness to navigate i-Human software effectively.

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